ERC Research Project
"Accretion and Early Differentiation of the
Earth and Terrestrial Planets"

European Research Council Advanced Grant
(Contract Number 290568) 2012-2018


Katherine Armstrong University of Bayreuth
contact: katherine.armstrong(at), www-page

Andrew Campbell University of Chicago
contact: campbell (at), www-page

Rebecca Fischer University of Chicago
contact: rfischer (at), www-page

Cédric Gillmann Royal Observatory of Belgium
contact: cedric.gillmann(at), www-page

Jay Melosh Purdue University
contact: jmelosh (at), www-page

Nobuyushi Miyajima University of Bayreuth
contact: nobuyoshi.miyajima (at), www-page

Miki Nakajima Carnegie Institution for Science
contact: mnakajima(at), www-page

Kai Wünnemann Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
contact: Kai.Wuennemann(at), www-page

Edward Young University of California
contact: eyoung (at), www-page